Covington County, Mississippi Churches

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Belmont Church (historical) 314524N, 0892620W
Bethel Baptist Church 313217N, 0892427W
Bethel United Methodist Church 313905N, 0892431W
Bethlehem Church 312801N, 0893141W
Blakely Creek Baptist Church 314411N, 0893402W
Calhoun Baptist Church 314426N, 0892635W
Cedar Valley Church 313620N, 0893245W
Center Ridge Church 313728N, 0893358W
Chapel Church (historical) 313534N, 0894107W
China Mission Church (historical) 313634N, 0894220W
Cold Springs Baptist Church 313702N, 0893240W
Cooley Springs Church 314331N, 0894010W
Eminence United Methodist Church 313635N, 0892601W
First Baptist Church of Sanford 312930N, 0892546W
Friendship Baptist Church 313822N, 0894124W
Friendship Sanctified Church 313831N, 0894116W
Gandsi Church 313423N, 0893010W
Giger Church (historical) 313826N, 0892714W
Gilmer Methodist Church (historical) 314648N, 0892935W
Gilmore Baptist Church (historical) 314646N, 0892934W
Holiness Church (historical) 313203N, 0893234W
Holy Hill Church 314516N, 0893309W
Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church 314312N, 0892814W
Jesus Name Tabernacle 313302N, 0892648W
Jones Chapel 314341N, 0893033W
Kola Church (historical) 313757N, 0893125W
Leaf River Baptist Church 314019N, 0892613W
Lebanon Baptist Church 313543N, 0892633W
Liberty Baptist Church 313513N, 0893330W
Little Valley Church 314611N, 0893025W
Lone Star Baptist Church (historical) 313742N, 0894325W
Lone Star United Methodist Church 313821N, 0894402W
Longview Church 313644N, 0892605W
Lux Church (historical) 312701N, 0892401W
McDonald Presbyterian Church 313636N, 0893442W
Mt. Beulah Church 313727N, 0893644W
Mt. Horeb Baptist Church 313434N, 0893410W
Mt. Olive First Baptist Church 314141N, 0893923W
Mt. Olive Methodist Church 314542N, 0893927W
Mt. Olive Presbyterian Church 314536N, 0893918W
Mt. Pleasant Church 314137N, 0894148W
Mt. Sinai Church 313932N, 0893557W
Mt. Tabor Holiness Church (historical) 313145N, 0892646W
Mt. Zion Church 313907N, 0893419W
New Chapel Pentecostal Church 313504N, 0894115W
New Hope Baptist Church 312813N, 0893115W
New Hopewell Church 314607N, 0892638W
Oak Hill Church 314148N, 0893827W
Oakdale Church 313059N, 0893435W
Oakvale Methodist Church 314208N, 0894319W
Okahay Baptist Church (historical) 314604N, 0892855W
Olivet Presb. Church (historical) 314633N, 0894138W
Ora Baptist Church 313932N, 0893439W
Pleasant Grove Methodist Church 313727N, 0894316W
Pleasant Hill Church 314700N, 0893638W
Providence Baptist Church 313833N, 0893019W
Rock Hill Church 314227N, 0893812W
Rock Hill Church 312703N, 0893429W
Rocky Valley Church 314157N, 0893308W
Saint Paul Baptist Church (historical) 314441N, 0893915W
Salem Baptist Church 314026N, 0893320W
Sanctified Church 313435N, 0892914W
Sanford Missionary Baptist Church 312913N, 0892531W
Sanford United Methodist Church 312927N, 0892544W
Seminary Baptist Church 313350N, 0892940W
Seminary Methodist Church 313343N, 0893005W
Seminary Presb. Church (historical) 313344N, 0892940W
Shady Oak Church 314138N, 0892614W
Shiloh Baptist Church 314522N, 0893450W
Sleigo Presbyterian Church 313821N, 0894400W
Smyrna Church 313222N, 0893426W
Spring Hill Church 314439N, 0893542W
Station Creek Miss. Baptist Church 314043N, 0892906W
Union Baptist Church 314419N, 0892915W
Union Baptist Church 313007N, 0892850W
Williamsburg Baptist Church 313716N, 0893655W
Williamsburg Catholic Church (historical) 313704N, 0893644W
Williamsburg Methodist Church 313703N, 0893641W
Willow Grove Baptist Church 313749N, 0892905W